Eole Modave:
Visuals For The 2019 Annual Report

Eole Modave is a cooperative that owns wind turbines that produces energy for the Commune of Modave (Belgium).

I was approached by them in 2019 because they wanted the 2018´s annual report to be understood and remembered.

This project was a great opportunity to show the importance of visuals in business reports as a way to make them more comprehensible for the members of an organization but also for the wider public. 

“An annual report it´s a lot of information that needs to be illustrated so they become more “alive”. Alejandro created all of the illustrations for our 2018´s annual report and that was a gift to see his creativity. The drawings talk by themselves and it goes straight to the point. Thank you Alejandro!”.

Raphaël Dugailliez,

Administrateur délégué d’Eole Modave scrl.