Full Circle Ideas:

In-House Visual Facilitator

Full Circle is a club in Brussels for creative and forward-thinking professionals interested in new ideas. They launched the “Full Circle Ideas” initiative that brings people who make a positive impact in our society to debate with the audience on today’s social challenges.

From 2019, I’m part of their team as the in-house visual facilitator of their events. Have a look and if you like what you see join full circle!

After Covid-19, Can We Do Things Diferently?

After Covid-19, Can We Do Things Diferently?A wasteless revolution 

On Thursday 9th April 2020 FULL CIRCLE held their first online salon about what we can learn from the extraordinary times in which we are suddenly living. COVID-19 has led each of us to slow down or totally halt some areas of our lives while other aspects seem to continue at the same relentless pace. The speakers reflected on whether this enforced slowing down can lead us to reflect critically on the world we have inadvertently built, with all its contradictions, vulnerabilities, and environmental challenges; and whether it might be a time to think and act differently.

A wasteless revolution 

Tristram Stuart and Sébastien Morvan  (Brussels Beer project) invited us to have a conversation reflecting on how far we’ve come and on the challenges that lie on the horizon of food waste.

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Women change the world

Helen Pankhurst and Zing Tsjeng  had a lively conversation on women´s right, focusing on how women’s lives have changed over the centuries and the situation of feminism and gender equality today.

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The future of work

Josh Cohen (Professor of Literature at Goldsmiths University of London),  Margaret Heffernan (Lecturer at the School of Management (University of Bath)), Aaron Bastani, (Senior editor at Novara Media) and Alison Tate ( Director of Economic and Social Policy of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)) answered to the questions around the future of work and how robotization and AI will affect the way we understand, value and do work. 

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Where transparency meets ignorance

Linsey McGoey sociologist and proponent of ignorance studies talked about her publication “The Unknowers” and explored relations between power and willful ignorance. Why do so many figures at the top still get away with it when disasters on their watch damage so many people’s lives? Linsey offers an intriguing investigation into how elite ignorance rules the world, shattering the common notion that knowledge is power.

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The light that failed

Ivan Krastev is a political scientist and one of the main public intellectuals in Europe. He is president of the Center for Liberal Strategies in Sofia. His latest book explores the reasons why the West, after winning the Cold War, lost its political balance, concluding that this supposed end of history turned out to be the start of a strange “era of imitation”.

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