Building a new Narrative

for the anti-GMO Campaign

The next years will be critical in the anti-GMO movement. In collaboration with the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, 20 representatives of different organizations gathered together to co-create a new narrative for the anti-GMO campaign across all Europe.

Together with Christopher Malapitan, we created and facilitated this workshop in which we reflected on passed campaigns and we built up together a new way to communicate to face the challenges that comes from biotechnology, food security and environment.


“I knew Alejandro was very sensitive to environmental issues so he would understand our needs. His work as a visual facilitator on our meeting helped us make something concrete out of general principles and ideas, and eased the minutes writing tremendously with the visual report of the meeting.  At the end, all participants felt they had built something together and that they could use it immediately after going back home.”

Juliette Leroux, Advisor on Agriculture and Rural Development GMO Campaigner (GREENS/EFA EP group)