HUMANITY AND INCLUSION: Advocacy explainer video

Humanity and inclusion (Handicap International) is an international organization working for people with disabilities and other vulnerable people in more than 50 developing countries. The organization is best known for its fight against landmines and cluster munitions: for three decades they have been helping victims and lobbying for a mine-free world. For this, in 1997, as co-founder of the International Campaign against Landmines, they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Over the years, Handicap International’s field of action has expanded. The organization has set up development projects for people with disabilities and other vulnerable people around various themes, including rehabilitation and the health of mothers and children ensuring that people with disabilities are given a place in society and that their environment accepts them as they are.

In the frame of their advocacy work towards the European and International institutions, the organization contacted me to develop an explainer video to convey their message more effectively towards the policymakers.

“Alejandro created an explainer video on the need for rehabilitation for u as we liked this format to convey our messages to everyone and to share online. We had a great experience working with him and felt extremely happy about the final result, with beautiful animations that accurately represented our messages. We will likely come back to Alejandro in the future for another video like this since we really loved this one.”

Rita Crespo Fernández

Inclusive Development Advocacy Assistant at Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion.