Mijarc Europe: Hungry for justice project “Our farm, Our future” youth labs

MIJARC Europe  is a non-profit youth organization that is a key factor in the development of rural areas in Europe by encouraging and supporting the rural youth to achieve their full potential.

In 2021, they organized five Youth Labs within the context of the “Hungry for Justice project” that aimed to train young activists in the field of food, agriculture, and human rights. The Youth Labs were campaigning boot-camps for young European designed and implemented by the participants that took place in the year 2021 that brought together young change-makers with scientists, experts on food supply chains/migration, environmentalists, and communication professionals

During the four Youth Labs, I worked closely with the coordinators and trainers in developing a set of various visual outcomes: the graphic recordings of all the sessions, the development of tailored-made visuals and templates for the sessions facilitated by the speakers and trainers, and the developing of time-lapse videos and social media adaptation of the graphic recordings to be used for external and internal communication purposes.



“Working with Alejandro was an excellent experience. We were very surprised by his ability to capture ideas and express them through visual metaphors. He was really patient and he was 100% involved from the beginning in the project as one of us and he was committed to the values and ideas of a better world through his work as a visual interpreter”

José María Iglesias

Project coordinator MIJARC Europe

Youth Lab 2: Food Systems and Climate Change

Youth Lab 2 took place in March 2021. During this lab, the participants reflected on the impact of food systems on climate change and we learnt about the Theory of Change and the Action Star tools that are resources to implement direct actions.

See the time lapse videos here


Youth Lab 3: Right to Food

Youth Lab 3 took place in April 2021. During this lab, the participants reflected on the right to adequate food and nutrition, the concept of food sovereignty, and the alternatives like the AMAP in France. On the other hand, the participants learnt the concepts of Affinity groups in direct actions and the different roles of individuals in groups.

See the time lapse videos here


Youth Lab 4: Migrants workers’ rights in the agri-food sector

The Youth Lab 4 took place in May 2021. During this lab the participants reflected on the Migrants workers´ human rights violations and conditions in the fields of Almeria and Huelva (South of Spain) and the protection of migrant workers in the European Union.

See the time lapse videos here

Youth Lab 5: Taking action

Youth Lab 5 took place in June 2021. During this lab the participants gathered all the information learnt during the previous labs and drafted an action plan based on their regional reality.

See the time lapse videos here