The House Of Marketing:

Drawing Prototypes Of Products And Services

The House of Marketing” is a connected hub of marketing consultants where sharing knowledge is at the top of the agenda. The good mix of enthusiastic marketing graduates and experienced marketers gives The House of Marketing that special touch in the marketing community.

My collaboration started by visualizing the customer journey of some of their clients and was followed by the visualization of prototypes of services and products.

“We were developing innovations for the coming years but wanted to bring them to life through visuals. I reached out to him after being referred to and was very happy about the result! He can visually realize concepts and make them concrete. He listened very carefully to the briefing and executed it very well. The feedback loops were limited as he understood at once what we needed. It was a breeze working with Alejandro!”

Shermaine Mina

Business & Consulting Manager

La Lorraine 

In La Lorraine the passion for baking and pastry-making began more than 80 years ago. This passion it is translated into the creation of breads, cakes, pastries and salty and savory snacks. During the last product research and development process, they developed new ideas that I had the opportunity to visualize to help them “see” what they had discussed.


Qover insurance

In Qover they build their own insurance products and make them available in real time through open APIs. Any digital business model can embed or sell our products within minutes. Frictionless, transparent and relevant at the right moment.

During the development of new services, I was working on visualizing the personas and the services that they wanted to develop for the next API.